5K: Mount Lukens, January 18, 2016

Note: Homework Party on Etsy custom made me a set of mountain patches (with gray fabric instead of stitched mountains, to make them more durable). Our goal is to cover seven peaks from 5k to 11k feet elevation this year, and earn a patch for each one. 

Mount Lukens gave me the idea for this project. Someone mentioned it to me back in summer, when I still had the idea that a peak had to be tall to be difficult. It’s the tallest point in the city of LA, but tops out at just 5,075′. The elevation of the peak isn’t the challenge; it has a reputation for being a difficult hike.

I opted to take what I suspect was the easiest route, up the south side starting in Deukmejian Wilderness Park. Stone Canyon on the north side is considered a good training trail for Whitney type backpacking trips, but trail condition didn’t sound good from the reports and being that it was just Robin and me, I wanted to take a safer route. We also ended up with full cloud cover, which completely negated the full typical full sun of the southern ascent.


Even so, I was very satisfied with the hike as a starting point for our mountain project. Doing such a long, remote hike alone took me out of my comfort zone, and the full cloud cover made it very eerie!



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