9k: Baden Powell, August 21, 2016

Note: Homework Party on Etsy custom made me a set of mountain patches (with gray fabric instead of stitched mountains, to make them more durable). Our goal is to cover seven peaks from 5k to 11k feet elevation this year, and earn a patch for each one. 


This year took an unexpected turn for us, which meant a lot less time for hiking and adventuring than I initially expected. It doesn’t look like we’ll be able to hit all the peaks I’d hoped for, but we did get another one done- Baden Powell.

We’ve been mostly lying low this summer, but when I heard from Elizabeth of @sparkythechimix that they were back in town for just a couple weeks, I was energized to try Baden Powell! I didn’t know much about the trail and a quick Google of photos didn’t do it justice. Every step of this trail is gorgeous, and as you ascend, the trees get knottier and knottier until they finally give way to a bare peak with stunning 360 degree views.

We had a wild ride leading up to that summit moment – we left on time but arrived an hour and a half late due to an accident on the road in, and we both struggled with the altitude in a way that shocked me, having done Baldy a few years back without noticing the altitude. Robin and Sparky, of course, had zero problems getting up there and their snoozy looks in our summit photos are because they’re squinting into the sun (and prefer to be the stars of their own photos).

Our late timeframe put us on the summit just before sunset, and Elizabeth took this stunning photo of me taking a picture of Robin (edit by me). Despite the struggle getting up there, those sunset moments were 100% worth it.


We had a bit of a scary trip down in the dark, but at least each of us had a light. This was not a bad mountain to be caught on in the dark due to the smooth, safe trail, and despite my concerns of nocturnal animals and Elizabeth’s altitude sickness we made it down OK.  This peak is no longer just a line item on my list- we’ll definitely be back.

That summit enthusiasm.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. I love the group photo with the flag! I’d love to join you next time but maybe we will do it earlier…so we don’t get caught in the dark..? 😀 Great job, guys!!


    1. 😊 yes please! But even though we came down in the dark… The sunset was so worth it!


  2. We miss the san gabriel mountains! Will try to go back to visit LA and family in Spring!


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