RC Pets and Weixinbuy Dog Socks

Price: $10 for the RC Pets “Pawks”,¬†¬†about $2.50 for the Weixinbuy socks

Sizing and Colors:¬†RC Pets come in XXS (1.25″ paw width)- XL (3.25″ paw width). Weixinbuy socks come in oddly named sizes from “XS(Tag:S)” – “L(Tag:XL)” and are sized based on sock width rather than foot width. I found that “XS(Tag:S)” is the same size as XXS RC Pets socks.¬†

We’ve done a lot of boot testing (here’s our¬†boots test¬†awhile back¬†and our brand new top pick boot review), and we’ve found that socks are absolutely critical to keep Robin from getting blisters on his toes. In the past, we’ve tried vet wrap (slips down and gets filthy), baby socks (too big, and too flimsy – they rub and cause worse blisters) and Ruffwear’s liners (the smallest size is twice as wide as Robin’s foot, despite the fact that he fits their two smallest size boots). I’m thrilled to have a better solution – actual dog socks. They’re really meant for indoor traction, but they work great in the boots.

Robin’s very dirty month-old socks. RC Pets are on the left, Weixinbuy on the right.

Design 5/5

The Weixinbuy and RC Pets socks are very similar, with the exact same shape. I’ve only tried the “XS(Tag:S)” Weixinbuy socks, but they’re the same size as XXS RC Pet. The Weixinbuy are a little stretchier and softer, which I suspect means they’ll stretch out sooner, but it’s fine since the size I got works on Robin’s back feet, which don’t blister as much. The Amazon listing has gems like “It’s the Asian size will Small than the US size, and it’s Fits for Small Dog” which will help you determine the right size.

Unlike baby socks, dog socks don’t have a heel, and they have an extra curve to fit the all the pads. They also have grippy soles, since they’re designed for use alone on slick floors. Otherwise, they’re basically just really expensive¬†knit socks in various colors. I actually went for the Weixinbuy socks because the tan reminded me of people hiking socks – I find some of the RC Pets patterns to be embarrassingly cutesy.

Fit 4/5

As with all footwear to date, Robin needs separate sizes for his front and back paws. After trying a few sizes, we determined¬†that RC Pets XXS was the best fit on his back feet (sock recommended paw width 1″; Robin’s paw width 1.25″) and XS on his front feet (sock recommended width 1.75″, Robin’s paw¬†width 1.75″). They stay on well without boots, and don’t budge at all with boots on top – and help keep his boots in place because they provide extra cushion to tighten onto. I¬†wish they came up a good inch higher to help seal dirt out of his boots, and I definitely wish they were a bit roomier in the toes- it’s clear that they reduce the spread of his toes somewhat. However, since we’re using them to prevent blisters, I’m cautious of sizing up because the snug fit is critical to keep¬†his fur from being rubbed.

Look for socks that fit your dog snugly, but not too tightly, that don’t slip around or have too much play, and that don’t cramp the toes.

Function 5/5

I’m so relieved to have found a blister solution. Though his hair sometimes gets ruffled (I try to roll the socks on to reduce hair disturbance), I have not seen a single blister since we got these. That’s magical!¬†Through trail gallops, fetch on concrete, and walks on scorching pavement, his feet have been perfectly protected. They also do a great job at sealing out dirt due to the snug ankles.

Dirt on the outside of Robin’s socks – his boots let in a little bit of grit, but none of it got inside the socks.

Build quality 5/5

They’re socks, so they’re not exactly tough gear, but they’re holding up just fine. So far, his pairs¬†are dirty and a little bit rubbed here and there but don’t have any snags, holes or damage to the grippy pads. They’re horribly expensive so I’m hoping they keep lasting! It’s a good idea to keep your dog’s nails trimmed when using socks and boots, both for comfort and to extend the sock longevity.

Overall 4.75/5

Despite the price, these socks are 100% worth it. I’d buy them again if we lost them all. I’ve checked Robin’s feet in worry multiple times since we started using them, and every time they’re perfectly blister-free. I now realize that the loose baby socks and vet wrap were just contributing to the problem, and the shape of the socks work so much better, being designed for a dog.

Bonus- if Robin’s in a particularly energetic mood inside and is slipping everywhere, I’ll put the socks on him. 50% of the time, he calms down and retreats to yank them off with his teeth. 50% of the time, he doesn’t mind and runs around without slipping.

Best for: Use in boots to prevent blisters and cushion the foot, indoor use without boots

Not ideal for: Dogs with furry feet that don’t blister



4 Comments Add yours

  1. JessicaRhaeW says:

    This reminded me to get socks for Chester. He doesn’t wear boots but his old man legs aren’t what they used to be and he slips on the wood floor at homes sometimes.


    1. Robin’s always surprised when he has socks on and doesn’t slip – it’s pretty funny! He has great access to the socks when he’s not in boots though so they usually end up being removed. I miss our last place with carpet; it was much safer for him.


  2. What are the socks made from? I can’t find any information.

    How do they perform if they get wet?


    1. They feel like cotton to me – probably with some polyester in there, but not a ton. The Chinese knockoff ones feel more slick and poly-like. I have not had any luck finding wool dog socks yet ūüėČ They get wet easily and stay wet. In warm weather Robin doesn’t care, in cold weather he does. But either way, no blisters despite wet socks.


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