Here are a few questions we get asked frequently. Got a question? Ask!

What breed is Robin?

We had Robin genetic tested with Embark. In addition to providing information about genetic diseases (he’s not a carrier of any), it told us his breed mix – 50% Pomeranian, 42% Chihuahua and 8% Miniature Pinscher!

Does he mind/how do you get him to wear (boots, goggles, etc)?

He’s pretty easygoing, but he isn’t always a fan of new stuff- my general tactic is to distract him as quickly as possible from the new item. On the trail, I throw a stick or start running. At home, I pull out one of his favorite toys. 95% of the time, this works. We had more of a learning curve with his Rex Specs goggles, and really he only started to get more comfortable with them over time. Keeping him moving helped to keep him from removing them himself. There are some items that he just doesn’t get used to.

What camera are you using?

Photos taken before December 25, 2016 were with a Nikon d3300 (great camera, inexpensive with a good sensor). Photos taken since were taken with a Nikon d750. What matters most is the lenses – on the d3300, most of my photos were taken with the 35mm 1.8 DX lens. On the d750, I use a 20mm 1.8g, 85mm 1.8G FX and a few other lenses.


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