9k: Baden Powell, August 21, 2016

With much ado, our 9k mountain is checked off the list (but we’ll be back!)


Alcott Explorer Pup Tent

Despite its hefty base, the Pup Tent is pretty light- the tent body and poles (no stakes) weigh just over a pound. It’s light enough for backpacking, especially since a safe resting spot is even more important in the backcountry, and I don’t really notice its weight in my daypack.

Gear List Photos

These #gearlist photos are my favorite kind to take. I love seeing how our gear changes for each trip!

Taking a SoCal Dog to the Snow

The type of jacket mattered: his sleeved, fleece Climate Changer collected uncomfortable snowballs inside the chest, while his athletic-cut Kurgo vest jacket kept him warm enough and didn’t trap snow. If you’re using a sleeved jacket, make sure the sleeves and chest are tight enough to seal out snow.

Backpacking Mount Lowe: First Backpacking Trip

Hammock camping went surprisingly well considering that none of us had ever slept in a hammock and we weren’t even sure that there would be suitable trees. Robin spent the night on top of my sleeping bag on my stomach in his fleece, and never came close to falling out (though I did a couple times). I think we both slept OK except for a tense half hour after Robin woke me up by growling at unseen wildlife.

Robin’s First Flight: Tips for Flying with an In-Cabin Dog

There was absolutely no grass to be found on the departures level of LAX, so he refused to pee before check-in. LAX does have grassy dog relief areas, but they’re inconveniently located on the arrivals level, which has gardens and trees across the street anyway. Fortunately, he ended up being fine despite the missed potty break. He had to pee badly enough upon arrival that he was willing to use a light post outside, but not until we had walked up and down the terminal looking for grass.

For the return flight, we actually found a nice small patch of grass on the departures level at HHH, so he had a chance to pee before we checked in. Since we’d just come from a short hike in hot weather, I offered him small quantities of water regularly throughout the flight. Despite the extra water, when we arrived at LAX he wasn’t desperate- he waited until we crossed the street to a small garden outside the parking structures.