Petoji Waterproof Adventure Collar Review and Quick Tip

Petoji collars are made of coated, super strong webbing that’s durable and rinses clean of pretty much every gross thing your dog can drag it though.


Head-Lites & “Low Beams” LED Collar

Head-Lites are no-compromise LED wear. As standalone collars, they’re already great: reflective, sturdy, lightweight and attractive- but add the LEDs and they’re amazing.

The Honest Hound Axel Martingale Collar

Robin’s an Honest Hound Ambassador, so they sent over this collar and the Sherman Buckle collar in Teal for us to test.  Price: $30.00 (currently on sale!) Sizing and colors: custom sized to your dog’s neck in wine, teal and brown. The Honest Hound is a newer dog gear company that currently makes two lines of…

DIY Gear: Amsteel Minimal Tag Holder

I used 7/64 Amsteel Blue, a braided rope that’s as strong as steel, but another spliceable hollow braided rope should do – see photos below to test that it “opens up” when compressed longitudinally. Use thicker cord for a larger dog- thin cord can cut into the neck.

White Pine Fur-Saving Collar

The real star of the show, though, is the tubular nylon the collar is constructed of. Unlike flat woven nylon, tubular nylon doesn’t have an edge, so it’s smooth all the way around. Because the collar is designed for show dogs, the cut ends are sewn to the outside to further protect the coat. The half-inch width is typically partially hidden under Robin’s coat, so the raw edges aren’t visible when it’s on. Unfortunately, it’s not at all reflective, although I did add some minimal reflectivity by sewing some loose stitches with a reflective thread.

Ruffwear Chain Reaction Martingale Collar

Like every Ruffwear product we’ve tried, this collar is built to last. The webbing is stiff and a bit rough compared to standard nylon pet store collars, but it’s the type of webbing that doesn’t snag on velcro. All of the seams are thorough and tight, and the plastic buckle is sturdy and smooth. The likeliest failure would be the plastic slider allowing the collar to get large enough to slip off, but it’s difficult to slide and the strap keeper also keeps a strong grip on the strap. I would not worry even if using this collar on a big, strong dog.