Ruffwear Swamp Cooler

The vest has three layers: a gray mesh lining, an absorbent core, and a tough, fine mesh shell. It’s cut for full coverage, and and fastens simply with one plastic quick release buckle on either side. As always, Ruffwear uses nice-quality buckles with smooth action, but they’re set deeply between two flaps of the vest to prevent accidental skin pinching, and it can be hard to get them fastened on an unhappily damp dog. There’s one small strip of reflective piping on the chest, which is sufficient since it’s rarely hot enough at night for a cooling vest.

Alcott Cooling Bandana

A significant advantage of cooling beads over evaporative cooling is that they stay cool a LONG time- only around the 48 hour mark do they start to dry out and shrink back down. For contrast, Robin’s cooling vest is mostly dry after an hour in the sun.