MOD: Cuff Snaps on the Hurtta Body Warmer

There are no affiliate links in this article. I provide links to materials just to help you find what you need.  Our Body Warmers were sent to us by Hurtta America. Need help with fitting? Here’s a post I wrote about that. The Body Warmer is Hurtta’s baselayer coat – a thin knit with a…

Mod: Adding Butt Flap Snaps to a Hurtta Coat

While the older-style Hurtta Ultimate Warmer came with snaps to fold back and secure the butt flaps for potty time or when not needed, the newer Torrent and Extreme Warmer coats don’t. Here’s how to add them yourself.

Mod: Ruffwear Approach Packs 2.0

The purpose of this mod was to keep the Webmaster harness looking “stock” as much as possible, so that it could be used alone, while still securely attaching the saddlebags when needed.

Mod: Detachable Ruffwear Approach Packs

Last summer, I decided to add value to Robin’s orange Ruffwear Approach Pack by making the bags detachable, and after six months of testing I’m ready to share the process! The modifications have held up perfectly and I love having a standalone Webmaster for light hike days.

DIY Gear: Amsteel Minimal Tag Holder

I used 7/64 Amsteel Blue, a braided rope that’s as strong as steel, but another spliceable hollow braided rope should do – see photos below to test that it “opens up” when compressed longitudinally. Use thicker cord for a larger dog- thin cord can cut into the neck.