Mod: Ruffwear Approach Packs 2.0

The purpose of this mod was to keep the Webmaster harness looking “stock” as much as possible, so that it could be used alone, while still securely attaching the saddlebags when needed.

Mod: Detachable Ruffwear Approach Packs

Last summer, I decided to add value to Robin’s orange Ruffwear Approach Pack by making the bags detachable, and after six months of testing I’m ready to share the process! The modifications have held up perfectly and I love having a standalone Webmaster for light hike days.

Ruffwear Webmaster Pro

Enter the Webmaster Pro, a streamlined harness with pockets. It’s the slimmest of their pack lineup (and of all the packs I’ve seen), perfect for traveling fast, although casual hikers may want to look for a harness with side-release buckles.

Ruffwear Approach Pack

Robin’s blue pack was a size XS (17-22″ girth). With an 18.5″ girth, he should have been solidly in that size, but while the harness was a perfect fit, the packs hung comically to his knees and each bag was nearly as wide as his body! When I purchased the new style pack in orange, I sized down to XXS (13-17″ girth), figuring that I’d replace the straps or extend them somehow so that he could at least wear proportionate bags. Surprisingly, when it arrived it fit him with a couple of inches to spare (enough to wear two jackets underneath), so it seems that Ruffwear builds a little extra space into their sizing.