Hurtta Casual Padded Harness

We previously tried older-style Hurtta Padded and Padded Y harnesses and reviewed them here. We found them a little stiff, so we passed them on, but we recently received the brand new Casual Padded harness from Hurtta North America and it’s become our go-to harness. They’ve made some very important improvements to  Price: $30.00 Sizing and…

Hurtta Active Harness

This harness comes in two styles – the “Dazzle” style in hi-viz orange and yellow, with large reflective areas on the back and chest panels, and the standard style in cherry, raven, and juniper, with three little reflective triangles on the chest and reflective trim around the neck and back.

Hurtta Padded Harnesses (and matching leashes)

So which design is better? I’ll discuss this more below, but the standard style may be easier for foot-shy dogs and wriggly puppies, since it’s just popped over the head and fastened around the belly. It also features a unique padded buckle guard to keep the dog’s coat from being pinched in the side-release buckle.

Ruffwear Webmaster Pro

Enter the Webmaster Pro, a streamlined harness with pockets. It’s the slimmest of their pack lineup (and of all the packs I’ve seen), perfect for traveling fast, although casual hikers may want to look for a harness with side-release buckles.