Ruffwear Float Coat

There’s a lot to like about the Float Coat. In several ways, it’s better than our reigning champion, the Hurtta Life Savior.


Why Your Dog Needs a Life Jacket, and which one you should try

All dogs can swim, right? Well, not necessarily, and even those that swim well can panic if they slide off a paddleboard involuntarily. Here are a few reasons to use a dog life jacket for water adventures, especially for paddling or boating where the shore may not be easily reachable. 

Ruffwear Portage Float Coat

Update: Since the date of this review, Ruffwear released a new edition of their life jacket called simply the “Float Coat”. They’re available in teal, red and orange, while the previous version, the “K-9 Float Coat”, was available in red and yellow. This review references the K-9 Float Coat but the redesign does not appear…