Ruffwear Float Coat

There’s a lot to like about the Float Coat. In several ways, it’s better than our reigning champion, the Hurtta Life Savior.


Ruffwear Grip Trex

They’re well designed, durable, grippy boots that don’t fall off even with crazy activity (a victory previously only achieved with his stretch-closure

Pawtagonia Sleeveless Dog Sweater

Well, it WAS made just for him, so of course it fits! But that’s easy to say, and much harder to do. I’ve tried to make clothes for several dogs while they were present for fittings, and they’ve come out mediocre to terrible.

Ruffwear Jet Stream

The fit of the Jet Stream really helps its effectiveness on slimmer dogs like Robin – the Swamp Cooler doesn’t actually touch his belly, because it’s so big (and due to its stiffness, he would have been chafed if it did).

Mod: Ruffwear Approach Packs 2.0

The purpose of this mod was to keep the Webmaster harness looking “stock” as much as possible, so that it could be used alone, while still securely attaching the saddlebags when needed.

Solvit Hound About II Dog Bike Trailer

The cabin features two openings large enough for entry. There’s an official mesh door at the back, and a large sunroof at the top, which is Robin’s preferred entrance.

Wilderdog Rope Leash

Wilderdog leashes are the best I’ve seen on the market for applications where real strength is needed. With multiple color options (including reflective), two diameters and two lengths, there’s a good fit for every dog…

Chilly Dogs Soaker Robe

The round cut and darted shape at the rump is really designed for lanky hound bodies with low-set tails. It appears from some of their product photos that they mean for the coats to fit longer in the back, extending down over the tail a bit.

Why Your Dog Needs a Life Jacket, and which one you should try

All dogs can swim, right? Well, not necessarily, and even those that swim well can panic if they slide off a paddleboard involuntarily. Here are a few reasons to use a dog life jacket for water adventures, especially for paddling or boating where the shore may not be easily reachable.