About Gear Reviews

I love trying new dog gear, and love reviewing it to help out fellow adventurers and their dogs. Though my reviews come from the perspective of a smaller dog, I highlight the positives and negatives and best applications of every item I review. We choose products that are well-built and well-designed and hope this information helps you find the right item for your pup!

My reviews follow the following format, with a score out of 5 for each category:

Design: Basics about the design, features, and construction of the item, as well as information about its intended use.

Fit: How the product fits Robin. Even if your dog isn’t shaped like Robin, fit may be useful for determining how the item will look on your dog’s body type, especially relative to reviews for other items you might already have.

Function: How well the product does what it’s supposed to. In this section, I explain how we’ve used it and how well it performed, as well as any issues we’ve had.

Build quality: The durability of the product, and how I expect it to hold up in the future. Dog gear isn’t cheap, so I expect it to perform well for years.

Overall: My summary thoughts and the product’s overall score (averaged from the four categories above). This section also includes a “Best for”/”Not ideal for” summary, which specifies the applications that the product would be good for, and scenarios that the product isn’t suited for.

On some posts: Updates: A list of any changes I’ve made to the review. When I have something new to say about a product, I come back to update the review.

Scoring: I’m picky in my remarks and I’ll mention all concerns and the improvements I’d like to see, but I try to keep my scoring fair, so one or two nitpicky complaints won’t knock a product out of the 5 category. A 4 is typically a product that has one or two bigger drawbacks that are “worth” overlooking because of the positives. Anything below a 4 is generally unsatisfactory.

Though I buy most of the items I review, we do receive some items from companies. This is always stated in the first line of the review (read full review policy) for transparency. We don’t keep everything we’ve tried (we pass it on to followers periodically), but I update the review when I decide to pass something on so you know it’s not a #1 item for us. Also check out our favorites page and the starred items in the menu links to see our absolute favorites in each category.

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