Outward Hound “Dawson” Neoprene Dog Life Vest – Old & New comparison

A good dog life jacket must meet 4 key criteria:

– adequate flotation
– a sturdy grab handle
– proper belly support…


CragDogDesigns Slip Lead

Climbing ropes, especially recycled ones, can vary a lot, but this is by far the softest of our three ropes. It’s almost cottony to the touch, which is nice when I have it draped around my neck, and gentle on Robin’s historically delicate neck fur.

Chilly Dogs Great White North Dog Coat

The round cut and darted shape at the rump is really designed for lanky hound bodies with low-set tails. It appears from some of their product photos that they mean for the coats to fit longer in the back, extending down over the tail a bit.

Hurtta Ultimate Warmer

This is my favorite winter jacket for Robin and my top pick out of the Hurtta warm coat lineup – it’s warm, but can be vented by loosening the belly panel and the neck bungees..

Hurtta “Bounty Bag” Treat Pouch

As with the Trainer’s Vest, the Bounty Bag’s most unique feature is its removable liner – after using sticky, smelly or wet treats, you can simply pull out the velcroed-in liner and wash it separately without having to wash the whole bag.

Head-Lites & “Low Beams” LED Collar

Head-Lites are no-compromise LED wear. As standalone collars, they’re already great: reflective, sturdy, lightweight and attractive- but add the LEDs and they’re amazing.

Kurgo Reflective 6-in-1 Quantum Dog Leash

The Quantum is on the thick side because it’s made with two layers of nylon webbing, tacked together about every 3″ (it varies) to create a nylon ladder; to fix the leash around your waist/shoulder/an object, you clip into the ladder with the included carabiner.

Hurtta Trainer’s Vest

I thought the Trainer’s Vest might be a good backpack alternative for quick sunset hikes – it’s got plenty of pockets for snacks, treats, and a leash. Turns out, I actually use it for quite a variety of things, especially as the weather cools down.

Hurtta Torrent Coat

The Torrent Coat is made like human grade tech clothing – or better. The shell is a smooth, not-too-crinkly breathable and waterproof nylon layer, and it’s fully lined with a thick, soft fine mesh.