Alcott Explorer Pup Tent

Despite its hefty base, the Pup Tent is pretty light- the tent body and poles (no stakes) weigh just over a pound. It’s light enough for backpacking, especially since a safe resting spot is even more important in the backcountry, and I don’t really notice its weight in my daypack.

Alcott Essential Visibility Vest

Both the fluorescent orange and highlighter yellow are attention-grabbing colors; the orange leans a tiny bit pink and is very visible even in dim light. The two-layer construction (substantial nylon outer layer with a mesh liner) gives it a nice drape and helps it grip the fur to stay in place.

Alcott Cooling Bandana

A significant advantage of cooling beads over evaporative cooling is that they stay cool a LONG time- only around the 48 hour mark do they start to dry out and shrink back down. For contrast, Robin’s cooling vest is mostly dry after an hour in the sun.