Dog Sleeping Bag Comparison

We’ve gotten a few questions about the different dog sleeping bags we’ve tried – so here’s a quick comparison of specs between three bags: Alcott Explorer Sleeping Bag, Whyld River Doggy Bag, and the Hurtta Outback Dreamer.

Why Your Dog Needs a Life Jacket, and which one you should try

All dogs can swim, right? Well, not necessarily, and even those that swim well can panic if they slide off a paddleboard involuntarily. Here are a few reasons to use a dog life jacket for water adventures, especially for paddling or boating where the shore may not be easily reachable. 

Alcott Explorer Pup Tent

Despite its hefty base, the Pup Tent is pretty light- the tent body and poles (no stakes) weigh just over a pound. It’s light enough for backpacking, especially since a safe resting spot is even more important in the backcountry, and I don’t really notice its weight in my daypack.

Alcott Essential Visibility Vest

Both the fluorescent orange and highlighter yellow are attention-grabbing colors; the orange leans a tiny bit pink and is very visible even in dim light. The two-layer construction (substantial nylon outer layer with a mesh liner) gives it a nice drape and helps it grip the fur to stay in place.