Hurtta Chill Stopper

The Chill Stopper is a lightweight softshell with wind and water resistance – the perfect shoulder season layer, in a sleek design that fits into a city environment as easily as a more rugged one.


Fitting the Hurtta Body Warmer

Below is hopefully enough information for you to size your dog for a Hurtta Body Warmer, and probably too much about the 14″ sizes in particular. If it’s more than you need to get the right fit, I’ll be happy!

Pawtagonia Sleeveless Dog Sweater

Well, it WAS made just for him, so of course it fits! But that’s easy to say, and much harder to do. I’ve tried to make clothes for several dogs while they were present for fittings, and they’ve come out mediocre to terrible.

Chilly Dogs Great White North Dog Coat

The round cut and darted shape at the rump is really designed for lanky hound bodies with low-set tails. It appears from some of their product photos that they mean for the coats to fit longer in the back, extending down over the tail a bit.

Kurgo Loft Reversible Jacket

The Small fits short in the back but looks fine- according to the product description, it’s designed to be this way (although it might fit very short for dogs in the upper end of the girth range). Coverage-wise, this jacket is a little lacking; the armholes are large and it’s cut low in the neck. However, it layers fantastically- Robin’s usually not happy about wearing more than one jacket because of the bulk, but he doesn’t even notice the addition of this one. Overall it’s an athletic, flattering cut.

Ruffwear Climate Changer fleece jacket

I’d heard stories of this jacket keeping dogs warm down to 40 degrees, but they must have more hair than Robin, who gets cold sitting still in just the Climate Changer once temperatures drop below 60. It was right around 55 at night on our backpacking trip; he stayed warm on top of my sleeping bag (in a hammock) for most of the night with just the Climate Changer, but by morning he was chilled. He didn’t stop shivering until he finished breakfast and started moving around more. As an athletic layer in colder temperatures, the jacket was great, however: Robin stayed plenty warm down to around 20 degrees as long as he was moving.