Ruffwear Polar Trex Winter Dog Boots

Ruffwear’s $100 Polar Trex dog boots are the highest tech option I’ve seen so far, and feature an innovative new zipper cuff with good potential for keeping out snow. Read the review to find out how they stack up.


The Right Boots for Your Adventure

Does your dog need boots? Read this summary to find out, and to learn which (of 10+ pairs) is best for you!

Ruffwear Float Coat

There’s a lot to like about the Float Coat. In several ways, it’s better than our reigning champion, the Hurtta Life Savior.

Ruffwear Grip Trex

They’re well designed, durable, grippy boots that don’t fall off even with crazy activity (a victory previously only achieved with his stretch-closure

Ruffwear Jet Stream

The fit of the Jet Stream really helps its effectiveness on slimmer dogs like Robin – the Swamp Cooler doesn’t actually touch his belly, because it’s so big (and due to its stiffness, he would have been chafed if it did).

Why Your Dog Needs a Life Jacket, and which one you should try

All dogs can swim, right? Well, not necessarily, and even those that swim well can panic if they slide off a paddleboard involuntarily. Here are a few reasons to use a dog life jacket for water adventures, especially for paddling or boating where the shore may not be easily reachable. 

Ruffwear Sun Shower

Though Robin’s a perfect XS in his sleeved Ruffwear Climate Changer, the vest styles (like this Sun Shower, and his Swamp Cooler) are too big in the chest. This one is the worst of the two because of the flexible material- no matter how we adjust the belly straps, he periodically catches a foot in the chest panel or steps through to the other side.

Mod: Detachable Ruffwear Approach Packs

Last summer, I decided to add value to Robin’s orange Ruffwear Approach Pack by making the bags detachable, and after six months of testing I’m ready to share the process! The modifications have held up perfectly and I love having a standalone Webmaster for light hike days.

Ruffwear Webmaster Pro

Enter the Webmaster Pro, a streamlined harness with pockets. It’s the slimmest of their pack lineup (and of all the packs I’ve seen), perfect for traveling fast, although casual hikers may want to look for a harness with side-release buckles.

Dog Boots Comparison Summary

I’ll say up-front that we didn’t find a single pair of perfect boots, and all of the models in this comparison bring something unique to the table. I would love to cobble together a boot with Ruffwear’s soles, Muttluks’ cuffs, Hurtta’s reflectors and Ultrapaws’ foam padding. Look through the comparisons for features you’re interested in, but bear in mind that fit and comfort will trump all the bells and whistles.

Ruffwear Summit Trex Boots

The uppers are made of a tough, weather-resistant flexible orange mesh with a smooth inside coating. There are no rough edges or seams. It’s hard to tell how breathable they are, but they feel the lightest out of the four brands. Above the ankle strap is a sewn-on cuff made out of thin, stretchy knit.

Ruffwear Roamer Waist Leash

While the hefty 1″ size medium is overkill for 17lb Robin, it’s not at all heavy. The webbing is sturdy but lightweight, and the clip is much, much lighter than it looks. I’ve used it on his collar several times and it doesn’t even tighten his martingale. The length and the range of the elastic on the medium Roamer are perfect for us. He has just enough range to sniff the edge of the trail, but not enough to get twisted up on anything.