The Right Boots for Your Adventure

Does your dog need boots? Read this summary to find out, and to learn which (of 10+ pairs) is best for you!


Dog Boots Comparison Summary

I’ll say up-front that we didn’t find a single pair of perfect boots, and all of the models in this comparison bring something unique to the table. I would love to cobble together a boot with Ruffwear’s soles, Muttluks’ cuffs, Hurtta’s reflectors and Ultrapaws’ foam padding. Look through the comparisons for features you’re interested in, but bear in mind that fit and comfort will trump all the bells and whistles.

Ultrapaws Durable Boots

The foam pads are my favorite part of the design, and I’d love to add them to all of the other models. It’s easier to cinch down the boot without worrying about cutting off circulation, and they didn’t seem to put pressure on Robin’s dew claws.